Tuesday, January 10, 2017

What A Volunteer Can Do

As we move into a new year, we are grateful to reflect on the past years of camp and those who have sacrificed of themselves to make camp what it is today. Camp was founded by men & women volunteering their time, tithe, and talents in order to move something bigger than themselves forward in advancing The Kingdom.

Today, our many volunteers carry on that proud tradition, impacting camp and all the people who pass through our property. In these past months, we've had our mobile missionaries (VMMers), weekly Keepers of The Heights volunteers, YMCA interns, Denver Street School boys, and more here helping to improve camp. These volunteers have accomplished so much:
Winter Lodge Expansion
  • framing and pouring the foundation and laying the flooring for Winter Lodge's expanded bathrooms 
  • cutting, splitting, hauling, and stacking massive amounts of firewood
  • staining and painting camp buildings
  • putting in many hours in the construction of the now-completed waste plant!
  • maintaining and repairing camp vehicles
  • renovating and preparing Storm Peak (staff house) for the upcoming, new executive director and family
  • cleaning & organizing Westside (maintenance storage & supplies)- a BIG project!
  • refinishing camp picnic tables
  • improving staff homes (for which staff are very grateful!)
  • washing windows
  • performing slash mitigation (fire prevention/brush hauling)
  • updating camp fire pits with new wood boxes
We are so grateful for all these and other volunteers have done for camp and we look forward to partnering with them in the future as we seek to keep moving camp forward!

Interested in bringing yourself or a team up to camp to volunteer? Contact Tom Hoskins to get started!

You can also come up to camp during this year's Work & Worship Weekend (May 19-21) to fellowship and serve alongside other believers. Learn more HERE!

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