Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"Covenant Heights . . . Just an amazing place to be."

Covenant Heights . . .  Just an amazing place to be. I mean you have the Rocky Mountains, fresh pine trees, deer, elk, moose, games, ziplining, dogs and I mean it has everything anyone would want in a camp setting. But what sets Covenant Height aside from any other camp or any other place I worked at were the people.

Covenant Heights is more than just a camp and a job, it is a family. A family that will welcome you in with open doors and open arms and make you one of them. Shortly after working at Covenant Heights I went on an abroad trip to Uganda and it was there I learned the importance of community and at that time I finally appreciated the community that Covenant Heights had to offer. As I reflect-back to my time as a counselor, I had many hard and challenging days with my campers, but I don’t remember it being all that bad. This was because somehow someone I worked with helped me find the motivation to make that week the best week of my camper’s lives.

I can’t say if I made the same significant upbringings to my co-worker’s rough days but, because of my amazing co-workers being so compassionate with me, they helped me make a difference in my campers’ lives. Since working as a camp counselor, I receive cards from my campers expressing their excitement to come back in the following summer. I cannot take the credit for that all alone, but Covenant Heights is by far one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I still communicate with many of the amazing people I worked with and some of us have even met up for coffee and lunch occasionally.

Covenant Heights is a magical place for all who come and surly God dwells there. However, to conclude I am a young adventurous adult from Southern California and after just one short summer in Colorado, I now have a family there and they will always be there for me- even if I am a thousand miles away.

Vincent Luna
summer staffer, 2016 & returning this summer!

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