Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Halloween is just around the corner, and (if your family participates in the costume-wearing-and-candy-gathering part of the holiday), kids around the country are preparing to go out and collect treasure-troves of treats. But what about those children with food allergies (be them gluten, dairy, food dyes, etc) who cannot have the traditional candy treats? Those kids that have such serious dietary concerns that they cannot approach houses that may have peanut-containing treats? Those young ones who cannot accept candy from houses because they won't be able to enjoy it? What does a parent of these kids do to allow their children to safely participate in a national event?

Enter the #TealPumpkinProject.

Households that have teal pumpkins in their yards or on their porches are advertising to trick-or-treating families that these homes are offering non-food treats to costumed kiddos.

To read more about this movement and to learn how to participate (and show empathy & fun to kids with life-affecting allergies), check out this article. With inexpensive prizes, toys, and non-food treats available at dollar stores and through companies like Oriental Trading Company or amazon.com, having a teal pumpkin and the corresponding treats at your house this Halloween could be such a simple way to show love to kids who are often overlooked at such events. And what a Christ-like thing to do, showing care for the overlooked.

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