Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Let's Celebrate!

For 70 Years, God has shown his faithfulness and work at Covenant Heights.  In the early 1940’s, Covenant Heights founders knew that God wanted them to open a camp at the base of Long’s Peak. They had a vision of a place where people could come and “experience” God.  We all know that God is real and alive as we go about our daily lives, but Covenant Heights provides a place where daily distractions are put away.  Here, you have a warm bed, a good meal, spectacular scenery, beautiful nature, and God’s presence is very real.  Recently a camper told me, “when I’m at Covenant Heights, it feels like Holy Ground.”  That feeling is a result of thousands of prayers, thousands of hours of volunteers, and, well, a LOT of donated money over the years.  

This year, people from all over the Front Range and Kansas came together to celebrate God’s work at Covenant Heights over the last 70 years.  Pictures and stories were shared around the dinner table, and lots of smiles and a few laughs were present.  We thanked God for his faithfulness at Covenant Heights and asked him for wisdom as the staff and board plan for the next 70 years.

We also saw pictures of the new projects happening at camp to ensure that camp stays a “holy” place. Three years ago, Covenant Heights embarked on a capital campaign called Standing Stones.

In the Bible, piles of stones were made to mark a time and place where God moved people.  When future generations  saw the pile of stones, the stories of God’s faithfulness were passed down to the next generation.  As we celebrated at the banquets, stories of God’s faithfulness were heard, and a vision for the future was presented.

Phase one of the Standing Stones project is completely funded. Construction on the New Waste plant started fall of 2015 and has continued throughout this summer.  This project is slated to be finished this fall.  Without this new facility, Covenant Heights would have been shut down.  The state of Colorado and Larimer County said that the old facility was out of code.  Now, thanks to the generous donations of many people, this new facility will provide a wonderful, clean solution for the future.

Phase two of the Standing Stones campaign is 60% funded.  This phase includes updated and expanding the bathrooms on Autumn and Winter lodges, moving the maintenance shop to reclaim one of the most beautiful places on camp for a future lodge, and it will culminate in building the new Summit House Activity Center where Friendship Hall currently stands.  Friendship has been a wonderful building where people have worshiped, played, and done a multitude of crafts.  Although it has stood a great test of time, it is time to put in a building that will last the next 70 years and beyond.  Summit House Activity Center will have a new full-sized gymnasium, a game room, the camp store, 5 breakout meeting rooms, 1 large meeting room, and BATHROOMS!!!!!  No more tromping through knee deep snow to use the restroom at Alpine.  You can read about the progress and see pictures and videos of the Standing Stones projects at www.ToGreatHeights.org.

Wow, let’s continue to celebrate God’s faithfulness: past, present, and future.  AMEN!

Amanda Hoskins
executive assistant

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