Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Changing Lives With Christ

We're moving into our third week of summer camp this year, and we've been privileged to see and be a part of so many miracles- so many changed hearts, rescued souls, and redeemed lives.

As staff at camp, we get the honor of not only impacting campers for the seven days they're here, but of impacting the rest of their lives (and their eternities).

I heard from one counselor during check-in Sunday about a camper who's been impacted for a full year because of last year's week at camp.

This counselor had a cabin of young girls in 2015. At the end of the week, the counselor felt like she hadn't really done a great job that week and that she hadn't really made a difference with any of her girls.

Little did she know how God had & was still using her.

She soon received a letter from one of the camper's parents, detailing the changes in their household since their daughter had returned home from camp.

They had bought their daughter a Bible, and she was regularly reading it.

They were also regularly attending church as a family and reading the Bible together.

They were all growing closer to Christ because of these changes.


When the daughter returned to camp this week, the mother found that counselor, gave her a big hug, and, through her smiling tears, told the counselor that she had changed their lives and that "my daughter has never been the same since last summer".

As this counselor related this story to me, I could hear the awe in her voice as she said:

"I guess you never know how much you can impact someone."

Please join us in praising God for this and many other great interactions that are happening. And please pray with us for our remaining weeks of camp- we desperately want to have more lives changed by the power of Christ!

Jessica Drogowski
director of marketing

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