Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bold Bravery

Early this summer, we had a camper who exemplified bravery. One of our Pathfinders (our youngest, 6-7 year old age group) had previously had a near-drowning experience outside of camp. When her mother dropped her off, she and her counselor discussed how this camper may not want to go out on a boat or be in the water, as the camper was terrified of bodies of water.

When her cabin came to the lake for evening cabin time, she bravely put on a pfd (lifejacket) and walked over to the boats. Once she was sitting on a kayak, she nervously asked to be gently pushed off shore- and she played out on the lake for the rest of their boating time!

This camper barely even recognized the bigness of what she was doing, taking it in stride and wanting to try boating, but she was such an encouragement to see. She was so proud to have been boating, and it was such a blessing to witness her challenge herself and overcome her fears.

My hope is that that little girl and each of you are able to see God's hand in your lives, leaning on Him to help us do the things we want or should, even when they scare us.

Please join us in praying for all of the campers and people who have been on grounds this summer- we look forward to hearing their stories, either on earth or in heaven of how God used us & camp to impact their lives!

Jessica Drogowski
director of marketing

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