Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Witnessing to the Faithfulness of God

Have you had a Standing Stones moment with God? A moment in time that you look back on God's faithfulness, love, hope, joy, or peace in your life?

When God did something miraculous and amazing in the lives of His people the Israelites, they would build a memorial out of Standing Stones. When future generations would look at the stones, the story of God's faithfulness would be told. When those stories were told, God's faithfulness perpetuated into the future.

Here at Covenant Heights, God meets people and builds those Standing Stones moments in their lives. He reaches down and touches people's hearts and when they go back home, they remember and tell the story of God's faithfulness, love, hope, joy, and peace in their lives.

Take a moment during this Easter Season to reflect on God's Standing Stones in your life. And then share His testimony with those around you!

As we here at camp seek to upgrade & improve our facilities, we are continuing a fun, safe environment where people can get serious about God. If you would like more information about how you can help Covenant Heights continue to be a place where people meet God, click here to hear more about our Standing Stones Campaign. You can find out more about the projects, read about the progress & funds raised so far, and share YOUR story. Have a blessed Easter Season!

Amanda Hoskins
executive assistant

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