Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Pizza, People, & Promoting

Our program director, Ethan, and I spent the last two weeks of January in the Chicago area.

Our purpose was a staff recruiting trip intended to establish connections at several of the Christian universities in Illinois. We certainly accomplished that- we spent multiple days at four different colleges and we are excited about the people we met, some of whom had already applied to work at camp before we even returned home.

I was amazed to see how many other AWEsome ways God used us and blessed us over those two weeks. Not only did we meet with so many more students than we could possibly hire, establish relationships at several colleges for future hiring, and get camp's name out there, we also saw God work through us, hitting on every aspect of what camp is about:

  • Meeting with other Christian camps, sharing ideas & enjoying each other's company
  • Talking to prospective outdoor education & kitchen staff for the spring and fall seasons
  • Loving on people by listening to them (including those who had no interest in staffing at camp)
  • Promoting summer camp to potential campers
  • Visiting with past camp staff, catching up with and encouraging them
  • Discussing our weekend retreats & our constituents' needs with Covenant Offices staff
  • Exploring different schools' facilities, gathering ideas & dreams for camp's future construction and current services
  • Seeing friends & family and having many good conversations

We also ate lots of good food in Chicago area, enjoyed some Chicago-classics, and saw some great sunsets!

Giordano's deep dish classic
I went into this trip aiming to share why staffing at camp is such an amazing way to spend a summer (it's such an opportunity to give of yourself while gaining SO MUCH!) and to be a blessing & light for Christ to all with whom we interacted. I did not expect to be so blessed and ministered to myself, especially by some of my past campers. There's something so incredibly special about watching the teens you have mentored and poured into coming into their own, which is especially true when they are growing in faith and clearly shining Christ.

I'm going to cry happy tears thinking about it.

Not only was I so blessed to see that in multiple girls during this trip, they also ministered to me, encouraging me. We had the chance to pray over each other, which one certainly one of the best moments of the trip for me. What a blessing to see young(er) people grow to the point of now coming alongside and being partners in ministry and life!!

Final Mileage!
It was a wonderful and productive two weeks. And though I'm very glad to be home after all the miles traveled, I look forward to seeing how God continues to use that time and the relationships built through it!

As camp moves into our spring & summer seasons, please be praying for our seasonal staff who will be a part of all that God is doing in and through camp- we're excited to partner with them, see how God uses them, and watch them thrive!

Jessica Drogowski
director of guest services

Nebraska Sunset on our way home

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