Tuesday, December 15, 2015

"Did you hear about that staff member who died at camp..."

This fall, a group of Covenanters came up to Covenant Heights to enjoy the autumn mountains, fellowship with each other, and the camp they love.

One of the guests that weekend had grown up as a summer camper here at The Heights. He approached me with the another guest and the following question:

"Lets see if Jessica has heard the story of the staff member who died here in 1973"

No... I definitely had not... what story?

"Well, they had [all of us campers] sitting at the base of the rock face, for a rappelling demonstration. The first guy comes over the edge and starts descending, when the rope comes loose and he falls to the ground.

We were sure we had just seen someone die. Turns out- it was a dummy. The next guy comes over the edge and rappels down safely. We'll never forget that demonstration!"

We all enjoyed a good laugh (and a quick conversation about how that particular demonstration would probably never be repeated!) It's amazing to see the fun stories & the impact that camp can make in a person's life, teaching physical and spiritual lessons (like the importance of tying-in well, or how God loves YOU no matter what).

Covenant Heights is honored & blessed to provide opportunities for these lessons, and to provide the chance for our returning guests to reminisce & remember, which can remind them of what God taught them here in the past (no matter how long ago that was!)

I pray that as we move ever-closer to Christmas Day, you have a chance to reflect on what lessons you have learned this year and how you have grown closer to our Savior.

A Merry Christmas to you all!

Jessica Drogowski
director of guest services

P.S. Want to help provide the summer camp experience for the kids of today? Donate to our scholarship funds (allowing kids who otherwise couldn't afford camp to be here next summer) or The Standing Stones campaign (moving camp forward, ensuring we will be able to serve kids & guests for years to come).

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