Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Opportunities from God- showing grace and shining Christ

We had a group here this past month for whom I was the on-call host. After confirming that they had everything they felt they would need for the evening (including sufficient supplies for the fire they had opted to light themselves), I retired to my house and eventually went to bed. About an hour later, I received a radio call from the group- they were unable to light the fire and wanted help.

I'm not proud of my initial attitude, but in honesty it was bent towards being frustrated and grumpy- though I replied in a kind tone that I would be right down to help, my thoughts on the way to the fire pit were less-than-kind.

Once arriving at the fire, my initial intent was to get this fixed and get back to bed as quickly as I could. I wanted the two high school boys trying to the light the fire to "just get out of my way", the five or so (seemingly very loud) high school girls singing 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' on the bench behind me to "just be quite", and to be able to get to the fire, blast it with the blowtorch, and be done.

Thankfully, I did not utter any of these thoughts.

Instead, I took a deep breath and let the guys try one more time with the tiny flame they had- success! They now had a viable fire going, for which they were able to take pride in and receive admiration from their classmates.

Many of the group expressed regret that I "walked all the way down there" and I had the chance to answer them in grace and joy that it was no problem and I was happy to help (since that is my job and was becoming an increasingly true attitude).

I walked back to my home just a short time later, very grateful for the opportunity to shine Christ through my behavior (and very grateful for Christ's hand in it all, despite my initial selfish attitude). Instead of me being unfairly snappy with this secular group, I had the opportunity to live by example how Christ makes a difference in we who are saved and being perfected. Praise be to God :)

Jessica Drogowski
director of guest services

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