Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Praises for Answered Prayers

I love getting to see God answer prayers and bless His people. In the past week, I had a front row seat to watch this happen and I was honestly a little giddy with joy over it.

There's a ministry organization with whom Covenant Heights partners who brings several chapters of their organization here for their programs. This ministry does fantastic work with kids from rough backgrounds and Covenant Heights is honored to partner with them.

There is a new chapter of this ministry opening and they were interested in coming to Covenant Heights as well. We had met with their leaders and discussed potential dates months ago. Due to changes in camp's calendar, we had to let the leaders know that we no longer had those dates available for them. The leaders were understandably disappointed and slightly disheartened as we looked at what that meant for their chapter's start-up next year.

I sat on our dining hall porch with these leaders, praying for God's hand in the ministry and His direction, be it at Covenant Heights or elsewhere, for them as they moved forward in their plans. It hurt to have to tell these servants of God the disappointing news and to not have much hope to offer them.


God is great. And He works wonders. Just a few days after my meeting with the leaders, I received an email from them. Thanks to a cooperative school district schedule, the group would be able to come on later dates!

I am so excited that we get to partner with this fantastic group of people and their ministry to hurting kids. I am also so very excited to see God answer His children's prayers!

Praise God!

Jessica Drogowski
director of guest services

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