Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Perks of Outdoor Ed

During our fall and spring seasons here at Covenant Heights, we run our Summit School, an outdoor education program in which we host public & private school groups who come for multi-night, outdoor course & adventure experiences. 

Our Summit School students gain so many lessons & experiences when they come to camp; it is such an impactful time in many of their lives, and we wanted to share some of the highlights from this spring season with you!

"I learned that you can learn more if you try.
It will change people to spend time outside."

"It is best to be prepared and not afraid." - outdoor ed student

Students learn more than classroom material; they gain life skills and experience personal growth.

"I learned many things on the trip, but the most important was learning to sleep away from home and with other people. I missed my family and I wasn’t scared. This experience will help me throughout my life." -outdoor ed student

"The think that I will miss the most
is the campfire fun and the laughter."

"Thank you for helping me overcome my fears;
I'm really glad I did it"

Most important of all, they stand to learn some eternal truth and see God. Our students and teachers are seeing Christ through their time on grounds and through our staff's interactions with them.

"I would just like to say that capturing this kind of energy and love in unity, which is obviously what is behind the reason our experience was so “Extra-Ordinary”, can not be answered by man; it is only felt and seen through God." - Parent Teacher

Students who were set against time at camp are now registered for our faith-based summer program. While here, they'll have the chance to hear about Christ and we'll have the opportunity to impact their lives with spiritual truth. 

"I received a call from a mom this afternoon whose son was signed up for summer camp. They referred a friend who will be coming to camp for the first time this summer. That friend has a sister and another friend who had no desire to come to camp. They wanted nothing to do with it. Well, all of these kids came out here for OE this week and absolutely loved it. So now, all of them are signed up to come to camp this summer. They are really excited to be out here this summer and the parents are also excited!" - Covenant Heights Registrar

If you would like to learn more about Covenant Heights' summer camps, CLICK HERE. And please join us in praying for all of our programs and the work God is doing through them!

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