Tuesday, April 21, 2015

traveling the world- just to come to camp!

With the combination of outdoor activities,  friendships, time with God, new experiences, positive role models, adventures, and personal growth, a week at camp has such a unique impact in a life. 

We have camper families from all over who sacrifice time, alternative activities, funds, and more to be able to spend part of their summer here at The Heights because they believe in and know the value of camp.

One of our camper's parents shared why they travel all the way from Asia to Colorado so that their camper has the opportunity to attend camp:

The desire to attend Covenant Heights is so great that we are making a trip to Colorado just for that one purpose!  In fact, my daughter's two best friends want to come too! And, their parents are willing for them to travel with us to Colorado just so they can attend Covenant Heights! I have no doubt that this will be the most valuable and amazing week of their year, if not of their lives to date.  

It may seem like "just an ordinary week" to most of you, but to these girls, who live overseas all year, it is going to be amazing.  Even something as simple as having "clean air" to breathe will be a new thing!  

But more than that, it is the opportunity to be in an environment where God's Spirit is so present that the atmosphere doesn't weigh you down, doesn't feel heavy on you.  It feels lighter and more joyous, leaving the children and adults to feel a bounce in their step, a lightness.  It's hard to explain.  I guess one way to explain is that when I came to pick up my daughter last year from Covenant Heights, she didn't want to go home!  She's talked about it ever since, and it's the only reason that she really wants to get back to Colorado this summer!

We love when our campers are excited about camp and consider it a "second home", and we are even more delighted when they are able take home what they've learned and have it make a difference in their lives!

Thank you for your prayers, support, and encouragement of camp. We are excited for the coming summer season and all of the lives, both in Colorado and around the world, that it may impact. If you like, register for camp or help send a kid to campPlease join us in praying for all of the campers who will be here this summer.

Jessica Drogowski
Director of Guest Services

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