Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Winter Trailblazer '15 Highlights!

Winter trailblazer was awesome!!!!!!!!! The avengers were awesome too!!!

This past weekend, at Covenant Heights’ Winter Trailblazer event, Anna from Frozen joined the Avengers in an epic battle against evil as campers learned that “God can do it through me.”

With almost 80 campers, Winter Trailblazer 2015 was a huge success. Chapel sessions were packed full as Curt Vogt, from Christ Community Covenant Church, taught using the theme verse of the weekend:

Along with Curt’s messages, a skit about the Avengers taught that you don’t have to be a superhero to have super powers. Each evening we saw campers actively engaged in reading their Bibles as they searched for the stories that they learned about in chapel.

Throughout the weekend campers participated in a variety of winter activities ranging from building their own snow globes to playing broomball on the frozen lake. In an epic cardboard sled race, thirteen cabins raced down the sledding hill for a chance at being the cardboard sled champions. And the Saturday night party was so big that it spanned both the dining hall and the chapel with bounce houses, crate stacking, gaga ball, and more!

Overall Winter Trailblazer was an incredible weekend. I can’t wait to see all of the Winter Trailblazers again soon for summer camp. This is going to be a great year at Covenant Heights Camp!

Ethan Dixon
Program Director

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