Tuesday, January 13, 2015

January Windstorm: Shingles, Trees, and Blessings Coming Down

With over-80 mph winds whipping through camp early last week, we secured what we could and hunkered down to work on indoor projects for the day. After the windstorm that hit the Estes Park area and camp ended, we were able to survey the situation.

Multiple buildings lost a fair amount of shingles, the electrical lines running to Cedar Lodge were ripped off the building (leaving roof damage behind), over 30 trees on grounds were down (including at least 12 surrounding our tree ropes course), and a power surge caused the dining hall heat to cease functioning.

But there are blessings in the mess the wind created- no one at camp was injured (despite some close calls), we now have 30+ trees that are downed and can be used for firewood (any volunteers interested in helping with this project, please give us a call!), and though the area surrounding the tree ropes course was heavily hit, none of the trees composing the course were damaged.

We are praising God for the safety of our staff & families, the relative protection of camp's facilities, and our completely untouched ropes course- a small miracle in itself. We are grateful to be moving forward as we prepare for the ministry God has for camp this winter and this coming year. Though there are now unexpected projects that will need attending to, we have many groups coming to enjoy the mountain winter and we are excited for our Winter Trailblazer camp coming up at the end of February. Please join us in continuing to pray for God's plan here at Covenant Heights, in 2015 and the years to come.

Director of Guest Services

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