Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thailand Travels

Swasdika (Sa-wat-dee-ca), or hello, from Thailand!

Mission Team & Others
Bathroom Completion
Several of our staff, myself included, recently returned from our mission trip to the Amnuay Sook Training Center, a Covenant camp in the northern Chiang Mai provience of Thailand. While there, we had the opportunity to meet and encourage the American and Thai missionaries serving at the camp, improve the camp facilities (laying brick for walls & a stage, welding support beams for the roof, laying flooring for the cabins, tiling the bathrooms, and more), help run the childrens' ministry (playing games, singing some of our camp songs, practicing English, laughing, smiling, playing soccer, etc with the kids!), work alongside the Thai people, and so much more!

Paper Lanterns
We tried new foods, shared our thoughts and frustrations with each other, learned a little of the Thai language, explored the area, supported one another, worshipped with the Thai people during the Covenant Chiang Mai Aquatic Development Farm's morning service, rode elephants, and had group devotional times too!

Cabin Construction
It was an amazing chance to partner with believers from around the world, our missions team including camp staff (from the Heights and several other Covenant camps), Covenant campers (whose summer donations went to support this Thai camp!), and the people of Thailand. I am excited to see how the camp there continues to impact lives for Christ, and to see how God continues to use the experience in all of our lives. Thank you to everyone who supported us in prayer, donations, and time!


Celebration Dinner with Thai Volunteers

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