Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Executive Update

2014 has been a great year of God's blessings as well as a few challenges.  We saw an unprecedented rise in Covenant campers this past summer, with just over a 25% increase in campers.  Additionally, both our Outdoor Education and Guest Group ministries saw very good increases.

 The Standing Stones campaign got off to a great start with just over $900,000 raised in the initial silent phase of the campaign.  The engineering for the new waste treatment facility is near complete and, as God provides, we will start construction in the spring of 2015. Planning is underway for the new gym/activity center and, again as God provides, we will start that project later in the summer and fall.

As always in the cycle of camp life, we say good-bye to some great staff and welcome new folks who have a commitment to camp ministry.  Jessica Drogowski has taken on the responsibilities of Guest Services and Deborah Fritzler has become our Registrar and Office Manager. God has provided two very talented and committed young women to our staff.

Of course, camp would not be camp without challenges.  We have been able to repair the damages caused by the Great Mountain flood of September 2013.  The repair work for the lower dining lodge required untold hours of volunteer labor and of course thousands of dollars.  And, as always, we saw the hand of God's provision through out the process of getting this facility ready for the spring and summer use.  

Praise God for this great camp ministry, as young folks and adults alike come face to face with a God that cares for them and desires fellowship with them. We look forward to what 2015 brings.

Tom M Cousineau
Executive Director

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