Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Exciting Announcement

We are super excited. 

Nearly 70 years ago a group of people dreamed of starting this camp for kids in the Rocky Mountains. It happened. Covenant Heights is thriving and people like you have made it a powerful and effective place that transforms kids' lives. 

Now, there are dreams to ensure this legacy and your investments continue to translate into transformed lives…

That is why, starting early next year we will be fully launching the STANDING STONES Campaign.

Why is this exciting? First, because in the Bible standing stones were built to commemorate times when people had powerful encounters with God. Camp is a place where people encounter God in powerful ways nearly every day. But, also because $880,000 has already been given in early commitments and support!
You are probably a believer in the power of camp! It is crucial for the development of young people. And, people like you are crucial in helping to improve the lives of children, students and young adults by encouraging them to develop a strong, solid, and active relationship with Jesus Christ. Because of people like you, this camp can encourage our young people to live lives based on biblical principles and values while demonstrating their Christian faith to others.

Covenant Heights is a sacred place blessed with an ideal setting, ever-improving facilities, and most importantly an opportunity to introduce even more youth to the Gospel.

To prepare the camp to serve future generations of kids effectively and efficiently, we have prayerfully and carefully designed the Standing Stones Campaign, which we will be fully launching starting early next year. We will need you to be the fuel for the fire, and are praying that your excitement will equal ours as we follow God prayerfully and in faith so that more lives will be reached for Jesus.

The Standing Stones Campaign seeks to improve our infrastructure in four specific ways:
  • Replace our aging waste treatment facility - $800,000
  • Build a gym - $300,000
  • Build two new youth lodges - $950,000
  • Build two new adult lodges - $960,000
The campaign will require three years and $3.185 million dollars to complete.
  1. The waste treatment plant is an urgent project required by the state and county to ensure the camp can remain up to code and stay open! But, with current commitments we are now raising money for the gym and lodging...
  2. The gym and new lodging will directly benefit all ministry programs all year long and are improvements for which church leaders, youth leaders, and parents have been asking for years.
Given the momentum, we trust you will agree that the time it ripe for this major capital investment. These projects will leverage the camp for even greater ministry. We can’t wait to invite you to join us in following God’s call to pursue this adventure, the Standing Stones Campaign.

After just over a year of preliminary work with only a few key individuals, member churches, and our always-enthusiastic volunteers, $880,000 has already been given in commitments and support.

We are eager to partner with you and all who share in this commitment to youth and kids.

Projects will begin in the spring of 2015 with the waste treatment plant, and progress in stages following that with the gym, youth lodging, and finally adult lodging. All projects are dependent, though, on your generosity and will not begin or be completed until the cash is committed and contributed.

So between now and early 2015, will you please be in prayer about how you might join this monumental adventure.
This is an extremely important (and exciting) opportunity. Just as you have invested in camp’s wonderful heritage so far, now you can help ensure our future legacy is even stronger! Thank you again.

You truly are a blessing to me, to this camp, and to so many kids!

With sincere gratitude,

Director of Development

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