Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Zipline: Fun AND Growth Experiences

During a recent father/daughter retreat here at Covenant Heights, I was running the top of the zipline and had an opportunity to interact with many of the dads and their girls.

One of the younger girls really wanted to go down the zipline, but even with the encouragement of her father, friends, and facilitators, she was too scared at the top and ended up climbing down the steps into her dad's arms. Her dad then took the time to practice on the ground with her, lifting her harness with his hand and letting her know what it would feel like to go down the zipline.

When she later decided she was ready to try again, she ascended the stairs, clearly nervous but determined. To the sounds of her dad and friends' cheers, she slowly sat down on the edge of the platform and leaned forward. Off she went!

Her dad was there at the end of the zipline to meet her and shower her with praise for her bravery and commitment. When they walked back up to the top of the zipline tower, she declared: "I want to go five more times!" 

It was so neat to see this little girl's growth in just an afternoon. She joyfully went down the zipline another two times before they had to move on to another activity. Through the zipline, and people's patience and time spent with her, her confidence and character were built. What a success!

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