Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why Are You Supportive?

I heard on Surviving Progress, an interesting movie by the way, that one of the primary distinguishing aspects about humans as a species is the ability and desire to ask, "Why?"

I had coffee with a friend recently and he reminded me to think, "Why are you supportive of xyz?"

Camp is full of great stories that inspire and impact us as we get to witness what God does in kids' lives. It is quite something to work for, but especially to volunteer or contribute to a ministry like Christian camping. In my life, I have given to and supported a wide range of charities and ministries and they all do awesome things. It felt good to send a shoebox to Samaritan's Purse, to sponsor a child with Compassion International, to buy a goat, or pig, or chickens for a family in the majority world. International Justice Mission and other groups that work toward ending human trafficking and other slavery; wow, the emotion is strong. The way camp impacts a life is so moving though. I have had that experience as both a camper, a staff member, and also as a donor to Christian camping.

I have thought about the whole why thing recently. And of course "Why am I supportive of xyz?"

I thought about camping.

A few reasons: kids need nature, kids meet God at camp, mountains are amazing, kids grow at camp, kids become Godly young men and women, kids learn to lead, to serve, to work hard, to encourage, to befriend, to love, and they come to know Jesus Christ.

But, really it comes down to stories, because stories really seem to answer that why question a bit better. This is just a funny one from a camper named Brandon: Brandon was here for his fifth summer and is hilarious. After two days in the nurse’s station post a mountain biking incident, he started patching other kids up and said, "I think I'm going to become a male nurse. Because, I'm male...and I'm awesome at it."

Another story that moved me was when I heard about a kid that was just terribly upset. The reason really was not clear. He proceeded to hide under his bunk, so one of our counselors without a word, simply crawled under the bed and laid down next to him. They laid there under the bed for what seemed like forever as the boy cried, and then slowly opened up and shared with his counselor what was going on. With the comfort of this awesome counselor, this precious little boy actually came out of the cabin smiling and ready to play.

Have you heard a story about camp? Share it! They inspire and encourage and bring hope.

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