Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Survival Training and Backpacking at 9,000+ Feet

Covenant Heights Camp, since 1946, has been a youth camp. We are passionate about the outdoors, kids, youth, Jesus, fun, adventure, and the intersection of all of these that a week in the mountain creates.

The Rocky Mountains of Estes Park may be one of the most idilic places in to spend a week, any time of year really, but especially in the summer for one of our summer camps. This post is specifically about our premier camp for 15-18 year olds called Expedition Camp.

As we developed and launched this two-week experience, we worked a bit with an organization called USI. They did some great stuff for us and helped provide some great inspiration and direction for this camp and what it is and what it can become.

This is actually from their website and an expression of what they thought of this program:
"Actually at around 9000 feet and change, the camp at Covenant Heights in Estes, Colorado was one of the best areas for survival training the USI team had ever seen. To top it off the high school students, which where taking part in the training, were amazing if not extraordinary.  
"The Covenant Heights project was taken on as part of a ‘from the ground upwards’ design program for a continuing survival course which included a PSK (Personal Survival Kit), Course outline and Curriculum. The overall project took a little under two months to prepare, and when it was ready, two members of the USI staff headed to Estes, Colorado.  
"The idea behind the course was to prepare the participants for a three day hike through Rocky Mountain National Park. This included preparing them for medical emergencies and environmental situations. Needless to say the trip went great, the participants did great, and EVERYONE had fun. Our ‘hats off’ to everyone at Covenant Heights for a spectacular camp environment. However, all bragging rights really go to the students who, in the end, could build a knee high fire with a spark in under five minutes, and sustain it (among a lot of other cool stuff)! SUPER JOB, Y’ALL!"

>> See more on USI Website
>> Visit Covenant Heights Website

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