Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Not On App Store

A friend of mine recently posted a picture from NotOnAppStore.com. So, of course I took the bait and followed the rabbit trail. A pretty fun site and idea. You can buy stickers or download them and print your own that say, "Not available on the App Store" and stick them on stuff. Stuff that is just "Not On App Store," of course.

I am sure you know, especially if you have been to Covenant Heights, Estes Park, Colorado, or anywhere in the Rocky Mountains that nearly everything out here is not on the app store. So, we are going to stick them one every rock and tree here at camp, maybe...

Check out our summer camps, outdoor education, and retreat rentals at our website. You can get signed up online, but what you get after you sign up and come to camp is DEFINITELY not on the app store!

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