Tuesday, May 20, 2014

God Made Dirt and Dirt Don't Hurt

Growing up at summer camp, the counselors loved to tell us, "God made dirt and dirt don't hurt." Or other various get dirty comments like, "Just rub some dirt in it," as if to urge us to be tough and deal with it. (May not seem the most encouraging, but after all, that is sometimes the beauty of summer camp... counselors, our adult role models often fill the role of friends as well, and that is just the kind of thing friends say).

There is a growing concern that kids are growing up in America to sterilized. We keep everything disinfected and clean and sanitized in order to say healthy, clean, safe, well, and alive. But, is it too much sometimes? Maybe...

I recently came across this article which was posted by "No App For That Event" on their Facebook page.

Among other great research and statements in the article is this one near the end:
"We need to support conservation of natural areas and the diverse forms of life they contain, plant a variety of species in our yards, avoid antibacterial cleaning products and go outside in nature and get dirty—especially kids. Our lives and immune systems will be richer for it."
Personally, I think part of the mix of a kids' life and growing up should include summer camp. Not only do kids have the opportunity to have tons of fun and grow in vast ways such as archery, hiking, leadership, faith, courage, and self-esteem (to name only very few). But, at summer camp kids are outside nearly all day every day. When or where else does that happen anymore? As NoAppForThat.com says, we need to "learn the importance of connecting our children to the wonders of nature and how to set boundaries" for ourselves and for our kids in a world and in our homes that are now so plugged in and filled with screened devices. 

Check out www.facebook.com/NoAppForThat. They are based in Florida, but the page had lots of great stuff that is focused on helping parents who have a desire to learn more about connecting kids to nature!

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