Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BIG Sunday

You won't want to miss this year's Big Sunday at Covenant Heights on Sunday, June 29! We are very excited to welcome Glenn Paauw who will share the message at the morning's worship service. 

Glenn is the VP and Publisher for Biblica, and the Executive Director of the Biblica Institute for Bible Reading. He led the development of the revolutionary The Books of the Bible edition that uncovers the natural literary form of the Scriptures. His focus at Biblica is to research, speak and write on the topic of reading and living the Bible well. A former high school Bible teacher and staff member of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Glenn has spoken on the Bible at the Q Conference, Thrive, Radio Bible Class, and at churches and conferences across the country. His book Save the Bible! is forthcoming from InterVarsity Press. He still likes to climb 14-ers in Colorado, but admits it's getting harder every year.

Glenn Paauw
Glenn will bring a message entitled, Feasting on God's Word.  Based from Jeremiah 36, Glenn will be asking questions such as: What is the Bible? What are we supposed to do with it? 

"The Bible is a gift from God intended to bring his light into the world's darkness and transform lives. But, if we don't engage with it deeply and holistically, it can't do its job. Snacking on the Bible only touches the surface. By inspiring the kind of book he did (really, a collection of different writings), God is inviting us to a feast. God's word will feed us best when we eat whole books, read slowly, and take it deeply into our lives. Then we'll be ready to take up our own roles and start living the Bible's story of redemption ourselves."

Join us on June 29 for this wonderful day set aside to discover, experience, and celebrate Christ and camp!
More Info and RSVP at CovenantHeights.org/Events/Big-Sunday.

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