Tuesday, November 19, 2013

How Do You Listen to God's Voice?

The following story was shared by Alli Rudeen who was one of our wonderful summer counselors in the summer of 2013 

During Pathfinders we were wrapping up our Bible study about Noah's Ark and I was talking about how sometimes God will ask us to do some really crazy things. One of the girls wanted to know how you listen to God. As I was explaining to her how I think we can listen to God, she said,

“Could we go listen for His voice!”

“Of course”, I said yes and we headed down to the outdoor chapel and spent time listening to God!

Super cool! 

My prayer for these girls was that they would be hungry for God’s word and for Him in general! The next night they begged me to read stories from the Gospels... they all fell asleep, as if I was singing lullabies, as I read stories of Jesus healing and his miracles and his teachings! 

Another cool thing about the week was the last day when I told the girls we needed to go clean the cabin their response was "Can we do Bible study instead?" So after we cleaned we went down to the outdoor chapel again with some other girls from another cabin and ended up just taking about Jesus, the cross, why He came and what happened through Him for about an hour! It was so cool!

My favorite story from Mountaineers was the week that I shared my testimony (the camper edition) and one of the girls asked if she could share hers. This turned into an hour long testimony giving session with the girls which brought them all together really quickly. And that was all on the first night! It was so amazing to see the way that these girls bonded so quickly! 

There truly is something so powerful about camp that is transforms lives. It is so cool to see how God touches the kids' lives so powerfully. 

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