Tuesday, October 22, 2013

My Experience with Camp Ministry

"My Experience with Camp Ministry"
Guest post by Aune Carlson, Evangelical Covenant Church, Early Adult Ministry

Camp is a very special place for me. I cherish many memories made at all corners of camp property. I have a few scars from playing hard at camp. My call to ministry came clear to me at camp. My family was and is cared for by our camp family (made up of staff and campers) though most of us don’t live in the same cities, or states for that matter. I love camp!

Of course, I have a particular setting in mind when I say that (Portage Lake Bible Camp and the Covenant Bible Camp of Alaska) but as I’ve been welcomed at other Covenant camps I’ve had no trouble understanding why those places are treasured by my friends who’d invited me to visit them. Camp is a unique space where relationships with friends (new and old), family, and God are encouraged and nurtured through servant-hearted staff, provision of food and coffee (not to mention my favorite treats after evening chapel: Super Ropes and butter pecan ice cream). 

Camp is a place where:
  • You’re invited to come as you are.
  • The love of God for all is practically palpable.
  • There is space for uninhibited praise of God - I'll never forget seeing all the youngsters rush to the front rows for a space where they’ll have enough room to actually dance while singing “David Danced”!
  • There is time to play - have you heard the laughter around tables while playing games after-hours in the dining hall?
  • There is time to listen to stories shared by folks with sticky marshmallow fingers around a campfire, or the heartfelt conversations had in cabin huddles when the Good News has been revealed by the Spirit and decisions to follow Jesus are made and lives are transformed.
I love camp!

[Aune recently accepted the role of Camping Coordinator for the Association of Covenant Camps and serves on as the Early Adult Ministry Director for the denomination.]

It is my great privilege to serve with the Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers and I look forward to many more experiences at our camps and hearing how God is meeting kids for the first time at camp!

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