Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Outhouses Can Look Good. Who Knew?

Nobody really likes outhouses. Even worse... those blocks and blocks of pot-o-potties that often grace public events. Yikes! No thanks.

Last year, we posted a blog post about how excited we were about two things. 1) Our new High Ropes Course. And 2) our new toilets to be build in Adventure Village.

These were both part of a small campaign we called "Good to Great," which was an effort to make some quick and very important improvements around camp that were kind of nagging, but very necessary to make camp better. I can report, with great gratitude that all the project included in that campaign were funded and are now either done or well underway. That is excellent news and we THANK YOU!

So back to the toilets. I just wanted you to see how amazing they turned out. You may not have thought outhouses could look good, but check out what our volunteers and staff did! That's nice isn't it?

Four stalls, running water sink with soap, and even a spa-like interior with all donated tile and decorative rock floors.

And best of all, maybe, the stink is gone. In years past we did have to rent port-o-potties, so we are grateful for this nice addition to the Adventure Village.

To be sure we are just as excited about the other projects that have been supported by you and in large part accomplished by volunteer help. See a few other shots below of people working hard to make camp better so we can reach more kids with the good news of Jesus Christ through camping in the Rockies!

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