Friday, July 12, 2013

This is a "Thank You," or "God is epic!"

This is a "thank you" for helping to bring kids closer to Christ and give them a great experience at camp.

John, a Trailblazer camper this year, wrote, "This was probably the best year of camp, and Michael [counselor] made it even better. Plus, I said the prayer that accepted Jesus into my life!"
Tristan simply said, "God is epic!"

And, one of my personal favorites so far what Nate said he learned about God, "That he loved us before he created us."

That is great stuff. Don't you think?

So, thank you. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. Thank you for volunteering. Your investments allow this camp, which we believe is a place set apart by God, to provide the space for kids to have unforgettable moments and experiences that change their lives and bring them closer to Christ. If you are a hiker, you might imagine these moments like cairns along a mountain trail. I often think of them like the Standing Stones that we can read about in Scripture, which were set up to remember times when God worked powerfully in people's lives. Kids gain these moments at camp. And, forever they will have these standing stone moments to look back on and remember God's faithfulness. 

The stories of lives changed are many. The standing stone moments are exciting and I hope it brings you great joy knowing that you are part of this great Kingdom work! 



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