Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Adventure of Camp is Ongoing Magic

It is a challenge to teach kids, especially 2 year olds, the art of please and thank you and sorry... If you have kids you can probably relate. My four year old is getting pretty good at it now, but my two year old for some reason doesn't realize how amazingly generous it is that I prepare his morning bottle BEFORE I get myself a cup of coffee. That is a pretty serious sacrifice. Worthy of a thank you I'd say. 

Your support of this camp deserves a thank you just as much as bottles before coffee. Whether you are donating money, time, or talent (for many of you, it is all of those things) you are changing lives and making the world a better place. 
"Giving financially is only one way of supporting what I believe in….I give when I can, but I volunteer a lot of hours to non-profit organizations I believe in. To me, this is the essence of giving back to our society — to make it, and the world, a better place." (Donor comment on giving, from Burk's Blog)
Your investments in camp are such an important part of making the world a better place. Covenant Heights is open and serving guest, campers, and students all year round... from April to November nearly 7 days a week! You can see why your support is so essential. This ministry would not work without you! So, you need to be reminded that we appreciate you. 

I was excited by an article shared on the ACA website recently. It was entitled, "Camp Truths are Forever." This is an excerpt from it: 
"Organized camping is a force for peace in our world. As daily media images of violence recede in the culture of a camp setting there is gradual movement toward multi-cultural and international camp friendships. It becomes pure adventure when campers are allowed the dignity and resolve of leaving home; when youthful staff teach campers responsibilities and provide a light touch to the atmosphere of camp; when camp leaders help campers learn to be flexible and resolute. The adventure of camp is ongoing in its magic." (Original post by Jean G. McMullan)
Isn't it amazing to think that you are part of "a force for peace in the world!" That is exciting to me, because the news truly can bring my spirits low. But, my spirits soar when I watch kids "grow in independence, gain control over fears, learn new skills while forging lifelong friendships, and live successfully in a community where kindness and encouragement are the norm."

So thank you for participating in the magic of camp! 

What you do is (arguably) even more amazing than my sacrifice of serving my two year old a bottle before I get a cup of coffee in my disoriented 6 am body.  

Here are some of our volunteers in action:

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