Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Camp: a place of ebenezers...

This 2012 Covenant Heights Camp Review was written for one of our Covenant Churches, but we thought you all would enjoy sharing in the excitment of Covenant Heights ministry, quite exactly because it has been made possible by YOU !


We are excited to share the excitement of Covenant Heights Camp & Retreat Center with you. What an honor to be part of this ministry. It is so fun to be part of a place that provides powerful life-changing moments in so many lives. We often refer to camp as a mountaintop experience, where people are able to get away from it all long enough to really hear from God. In the Bible, when God powerfully and faithfully worked in the lives of people, they would put up monuments to remember God's faithfulness and to remind them that God would be faithful in the future as well. They were called ebenezers, or standing stones. Camp is a place where people so often have a standing stone experience. A standing stone can be nearly anything that reminds us of God’s presence and help... camp is one of those things, one of those places, where like a thunder clap God shows up!

Here are some "standing stone" statistics... 
Based on what campers themselves have shared in evaluations over the past couple years an average of:
  • 16 campers each summer give their lives to Christ for the first time.
  • 223 campers rededicate their lives to Christ.
  • 128 campers feel some call to Christian ministry in the future.
As far as the numbers of campers and guest impacted by camp ministry at Covenant Heights:
  • Over 500 summer campers attended camp last year. 
  • About 2,500 students came for outdoor education with various schools. 
  • Over 4,000 guests came with other church and youth groups and retreats. 
Also, were share with great, great thankfulness that 2012 was one of best financial years on record, which is a direct result of the generosity of people like you. Additionally, we thank God for blessing us with so many great campers and groups! We ended 2012 with nearly $100,000 of surplus, which truly felt like a miracle to us. Coming off of a few very difficult years, this allowed us to breathe easier and pay for debts and bills that were weighing heavily on the effectiveness of our ministry, and the attitudes of staff. Praise God! And, thank YOU!

Thank you for supporting Covenant Heights and for investing in the lives of so many kids and youth and even adults! As a place full of stories of standing stones, we thank you for sharing in those moments with us! 

The real ministry...

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