Thursday, January 10, 2013

Celebrating 2012 and Happy 2013

Welcome to 2013 everyone!

We sincerely hope the start to this new year is going well for you. So far so good for us up here at the Heights. But, more importantly at this point is that we want to offer our deepest thanks to you all for your support last year!

We have been blown away by what God has been doing up here. More guest groups, more outdoor education students, more summer campers and above all MORE LIVES TRANSFORMED by Christ... right here in the Rocky Mountains.

All of this happens through the passion and investment of wonderful and generous people: summer staff and counselors who give up their summer to invest in kids, volunteers, and certainly generous investors (aka, donors) like you. Oh, and us, the full-time staff, but we try to avoid patting ourselves on the back :)

Last year, we ran a small campaign called "Good to Great Projects" and hoped to raise $50,000 to improve a number of important aspects of camp. Nearly $43,000 was raised generally, and right before the end of the year another $9,200 was contributed to specifically cover the cost of some new, energy efficient heating improvements that will, in the long run, save camp a TON of money (read more).

The other thing you all did was you created you brought in the new year with a BANG! We sent out a letter and a few emails asking for you to help us end the year strong, and you have, for lack of better words, blown us away. We set a goal or $40,000 and challenged that together we could do this and by doing so impact so many lives through a strong and high-quality summer camp and retreat experience. Well,... together you invested $40,438.96. THANK YOU!

imageIf I could do this Napoleon Dynamite dance for you I would, but I can't so here is Napoleon Dynamite himself doing it on our behalf as we dance and celebrate and thank you for making the ministry of Covenant Heights the best it can be!

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