Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Adventure Village Toilets

Here's the beginning of the new Adventure Village toilets (one of the Good to Great Projects). Pretty nice, right? This will certainly make that part of our summer camp a little less stinky ;). And, perhaps just as great as stink reduction, it will save camp a good deal of money on port-o-john rentals and pumping (eww). So that is good news. Thanks for supporting this project. While small, it will have a big impact on summer camp and on the campers' experience. Which is, after all, what it is ALL about!

We are always looking for folks to volunteer for projects on camp. If you are interested email Mike@CovenantHeights.org. He LOVES volunteer help, and we have plenty of stuff we need help with.
If you prefer investing financially in our ministry, just GO HERE and watch your $$ change lives!

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