Monday, August 27, 2012

SO Excited!

We are so excited...

Two things for now. There are a ton of things that get us excited, but here are two things.

1. Our program director and rope master, John, spoke to the guy we work with on high ropes and zipline and other ropes safety and inspection, and we were able to work a deal so that we can get started on our NEW HIGH ROPES COURSE! Did I say we are excited?

This is going to be an unbelievably wonderful tool in challenging kids (and adults) to grow and achieve and stretch and learn... Thank you for investing in this very important project that will pay huge dividends through the role it plays in impacting kids lives. We will get pictures rolling here as soon as we start. Should be November :)

2. Second, we are excited to see the bathhouse going in at Adventure Village. No it is not plush. DEFINITELY NOT Glamping (Check this to understand glamping, I had to), but it will be much better than port-o-jons. Good-bye stink, hopefully... And, also, a welcome savings in not having to rent those things every year. You'd be surprised how expensive it can be to deposit and store you-know-what in a large blue box. So, thank you as well for this great project that you have funded.

This project has been started and is well underway, thanks to the MMAP-ers!

Pictures of this project to follow as well.

Blessing to you all for your support. It is a blessing and an honor to be in a place where we have the opportunity to impact a child's life each and every day!

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