Tuesday, July 31, 2012

MMAP-ers, Volunteers, and Stretching Your Dollars

I just want any of you who make it to this blog to know, that if you are donating to Covenant Heights, we work diligently to make the most of your investments. Volunteers are one of the biggest ways we see your dollars stretched.

One huge blessing that we have had over the past few years is volunteer help all summer by a group of retired folks that call themselves the MMAP-ers (www.mmap.org). Formally, the Mobile Missionary Assistance Program they are self-described as "a Christian Organization of retired couples that travel in RV's for the Lord and help out where needed." And help they do!

This summer they have made some very big impact and investment here at Covenant Heights. 

One great project - we received a large donation of windows... nice windows, double pane and WAY more efficient than the old window in some of our old lodges :) Well, these volunteers have installed these donated windows in a few of our ailing building, which not only makes them more efficient, but makes them look much nicer. Here is Aspen Lodge, before and after. Nice, right? You may also notice the lovely new roof... this was also put on by volunteers who worked overtime on our Work Weekend to make sure it got done!


A second project that the MMAP-ers took on and funded themselves was to make major improvements to the housekeeping areas of camp. Our seasonal staff and housekeeping currently share residential washing/drying machines and the messes and back-ups of laundry and missing supplies has been a real problem. We see housekeeping as a crucial piece of offering the most hospitable service to our guests and campers. Therefore, the MMAP-ers are fixing up an old storage room and putting in brand new commercial machines so that we can run smoother and do even better in both housekeeping and hospitality!

A couple pics to get things started:
Current laundry room
Work getting started in the new housekeeping ONLY laundry room!
We certainly could use your help, as volunteers, or through a donation to keep improving camp so it can better serve guests and campers!

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