Wednesday, May 9, 2012

First things First - killer buses!

Thank you! Seriously. I mean look at this...

Just kidding, we did not buy this bus, but how awesome is this bus. The really good news though is that thanks to you, we have raised enough to begin looking at some new buses. This is the first step and we are excited. Tom is actually out today taking a look at a nice one.

This is going to be a fantastic upgrade for camp. Honestly, some schools are paying just as much for busing as they are for a three days at camp! Crazy I know. So if a school brings 50 kids could be paying as much as $5,000 just for busing. This is nearly a deal breaker for some schools.

So here's the WIN-WIN...

With our newer, nicer, more reliable buses, we will be able to offer some schools a MUCH BETTER deal for busing. So we save our schools and students lots of money. But, for us we get enough money to keep our buses running well and maintained well. And, hopefully such a great WIN-WIN that when it comes time to buy new ones again, we will already have the cash to do it. So how 'BOUT THAT!

We are still in need of $34,165 to do all the other projects, especially the High Ropes, so please consider supporting these projects if you have not already. Click on the "Donate Now" button at right.


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