Thursday, May 24, 2012

Feeling Confident

I had the pleasure of getting out to help with Outdoor Education this past week. Wow! That is a great program. I already knew it was, and I imagine you already did too, but I heard so many encouraging comments from teachers and parents I just felt moved to share about it.

"You guys do such a great job with the kids. You can tell you care about them and about their learning." (Teacher)

Well, thanks. And, good job OE staff!

But, I also felt encouraged through an interaction I had with a student and wanted to share a bit that experience here as well.

While out helping kids get hooked into the zipline, the other students cheering a young boy on, I had the joy of simply talking him through how it would all work. He was nervous... but, as we were talking he all of a sudden stopped, looked over the edge and said,

"You make me feel confident."

That is what it is all about! Kids taking steps. Kids learning something new. Stretching themselves. Challenging themselves. John, our program director, always takes time to talk to the kids after an experience asking them, "Why is it important to challenge ourselves?"

These kids are smart.One kid the other day responded with this:

"Because if we never challenge ourselves we will never do anything. We will just stay the same." 

Isn't that the truth!

Thank you for supporting Covenant Heights and making it possible for us to help kids challenge themselves everyday and to learn new things about life, about themselves, about the world and to grow even if it is just a seed planted! It is amazing! Thank you for making it all possible.


By way of update, currently $16,860 have been raised toward our Good to Great projects. Our goal is $50,000 because that is what it will take to complete all the urgent and very important projects we need to complete this year. Please consider helping, if you have not already. If you have, consider sharing what you did with folks you know and ask them to participate as well! Word of mouth is the best method of spreading good news. In fact, that's why God chose us to spread His Good News that way!

May God bless you all for your generosity!

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