Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Our Most Precious Cargo

One of the top priorities this year in the From Good to GREAT (FGTG) projects is the purchase of two new buses. Why? Because ours are limping along and at Covenant Heights we firmly believe that our most precious cargo is our children, and it is our utmost priority to keep them as safe as possible.

A few facts:
  • Every year 3,000-4,000 kids ride on our buses to and from the park. 
  • We do everything in our power to avoid bus failures such as the recent story from Charlotte, NC. Your contributions help us to keep our precious cargo as safe as possible!
  • Some of the schools that attend our Outdoor Education programs pay just as much for busing as they do for three days at camp! This cost nearly doubles what kids have to pay to come up to camp. If we had more reliable buses, we could offer and provide busing for a number of schools at a much more affordable cost to them with just enough overhead to keep our buses in tip-top shape and enough saved for the future when we would need to purchase new buses again. So this piece of the FGTG project is a seriously good investment!
  • When we begin offering and providing bus service to schools with small budgets and under-resourced families, we will not only increase the number of kids riding our buses, but we will increase the number of hours kids spend on our buses. 
  • WE MUST do everything in our power to KEEP KIDS SAFE!
Please consider contributing to the FGTG projects and be part of keeping kids as safe as possible.

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