Thursday, April 26, 2012

From our Board President

I asked our board president, Terry Ruch, to share a bit of his heart with you, and what comes to his mind when he thinks of you -- our donors, prayers, supporters, and volunteers!

And was eager to!And so thankful, as a donor and supporter himself, to be in this ministry together with you. Here's what he wanted to share:

"I so appreciate each of you who support Covenant Heights, those of you who have given time, treasure and talent to this ministry. It is because of the faithfulness of people like you, that so many have come to faith or grown in their faith at Covenant Heights. On behalf of the Covenant Heights staff, Board of Directors, and most of all, the thousands of Covenant Heights campers who have grown in their faith, thank you for all of your prayers, gifts, and volunteerism at Covenant Heights."

~Terry Ruch

Just a few of the kids, the lives, you are impacting by donating to Covenant Heights!

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