Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Oh, How Important Volunteers Are.



Grace Place Youth

Local Individuals


Keepers of The Heights

Denver Street School Students,

Heritage Christian Crew,


many, many more

Throughout the year, there are so many volunteers who, through their service and work at camp, make a difference in kids' lives.

No matter the age of the volunteers or the projects on which they work, each one is needed and valued here at camp, and each is doing good work.

YOU too can be a part of those who make a lasting impact through Covenant Heights too!

Join for this year's Work & Worship Weekend on May 19-21 & help keep camp strong in 2017!

Even without our 5 weeks of summer camp, there is still great ministry and work with kids happening at camp this summer (through our ministry partners who run their own programs and our churches who are hosting events at camp), and we need help to make camp the best it can be for those campers!

Volunteers of all skill levels and ages are welcome. Please, bring your friends and family for a weekend of fellowship, service, and partnering with camp in our purpose to "make and deepen disciples of Jesus Christ and to boldly present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young people".

Have questions about the weekend? Contact our office manager Jess King at registration@CovenantHeights.org.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ready, Set, Go!!!!

The ducks are about to race down the middle of Estes Park. On Saturday, May 6th, thousands of ducks will drop and race down the middle of Estes Park. The first lucky duck will win a trip to the Caribbean!

There are hundreds of other prizes. According to the Duck Race website, you have about a one in seven chance of winning a prize. This year, Covenant Heights is asking their supporters to buy one or a flock of ducks. $19 of every $20 (or $21 online) goes right back to Covenant Heights!

Adopting a duck is easy- just go to epduckrace.org and click on ADOPT. Or you can call Amanda at 970-586-2900 ex. 12 to fill out a form and mail a check.  

Covenant Heights will also be participating in the festival that day in the middle of Estes Park. Come on up and invite your friends- we will be giving free barrel train rides! There will be lots of other booths, and of course, the race's ducky mascot, Lucky!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

God Stories from Covenant Heights

At last year's Work & Worship Weekend, we were privileged to hear and see the stories of many who have been impacted for Christ through Covenant Heights Camp and the people God has brought here.

From the very kick-off, we heard how God has been working in lives for decades.

"I accepted Christ in a cabin in Winter Lodge a little over 40 years ago"

We also got to see the lives of transformed campers who have now returned to serve.

"My son never spoke to anyone outside of the family until coming to summer camp at The Heights. Because of the staff members' special attention to his needs, his life has been changed! He know talks to everyone!"

These and more stories are just a few of the blessings we get to be a part of through Work & Worship. As our speaker last year said:

"I am rejoicing in the future celebration of all the ways God used all of us and each of us from these moment to our last breathes."

And I am looking forward to what this year's Work & Worship Weekend will bring. If you are interested in joining us for this year's weekend, please sign-up today!

Jessica Drogowski
director of guest services & marketing

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

They're ALL open for registration- sign up now!

All of our remaining 2017 retreats are now open for registration!

Sign up today to join us for an opportunity to
spend time in the mountains, fellowship with other believers, renew yourself with God, and have fun!

We have retreats for all ages. Bring your family, or come up with your best guy or girl friends! Join us for our Work & Worship weekend or spend Labor Day Weekend here at Family Camp!

Have questions about our retreats? Let us know! We hope to see you at one or more of these great weekends!

See information about all of our retreats here!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Standing Stones Progress Update

It has been an amazing year for the Standing Stones Campaign! When the campaign began, we heard testimony after testimony about how God has impacted people’s lives here at Covenant Heights over the last 70 years.  After looking at our facilities and lots of prayer, it was determined that improvements needed to be made in order for those moments to keep happening, and The Standing Stones campaign is all about creating spaces and times for God to reach into people’s lives and make an impact! In the Bible, when God would meet and impact a person or persons, a stack of stones was created so that future generations would look and remember how God came and impacted lives. In another 70 years, we want future generations to be able to continue the stories of God reaching down and impacting their lives.  

In 2016, we were able to complete construction on the New Waste Facility and we can now “flush with confidence!”

The new state-of-the-art facility brings Covenant Heights up to 2016 standards, and will be a huge part of keeping Covenant Heights strong in the coming years.  With phase one of the campaign complete, we are celebrating God’s faithfulness even in the “icky” things…..

Phase Two is well under way!  During Phase Two, we will update camper lodges, construct the Summit House Activity Center, and move the maintenance shop to the south end of camp, reclaiming valuable land for a possible new camper/adult lodge.  We have started construction on Winter Lodge, updating and improving the bathrooms. Even in the snow and ice, we are making progress.  The new bathrooms will have private showers and be more accessible to our disabled guests.  Our guests have been very gracious as we work on the bathroom, and they are looking forward to seeing the project completed in 2017.

Summit House Activity Center is on the horizon!  We have finalized architectural plans and we are now doing a cost analysis to see what our final cost is going to be. Check out an architectural video HERE.  Summit House Activity Center has been a dream of campers, guest groups, outdoor education groups, and staff for many years.  The excitement is mounting at the thought of breaking ground in 2017.  Would you like to be a part of the excitement?  Generous, excited donors have given over $500,000 so far to Phase Two. Will you join them?  Every little bit helps!  

We are currently about 60% funded for Phase Two.  We need to raise between $400,000 and $500,000 to complete this phase.  Would you consider a gift?  If you have any questions, or would like to chat about the Standing Stones Campaign, feel free to call or email Scott or AmandaThank you for joining us in praying over, donating to, and supporting these great projects! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Work As Worship

God is good.

Here at Covenant Heights, we have the privilege of being engaged in year-round ministry, outreach, service, & worship. People come to our grounds every day of the year- to attend a retreat, host their own event, participate in Outdoor Education courses, be a summer camper, deliver mail, ask to use the phone, and for so many other purposes.

But our God has a greater aim for each of our lives and days than we may initially see in the physical tasks & purposes, and we at The Heights are so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Him in this, as we create space for encounters with Christ, have conversations that encourage growth, provide services that bless, and participate in the lives of all who enter camp's sphere.

One of my favorite weekends of the year, where we get to see Christ's Bride truly live out our calling, is our Work & Worship Weekend.

Our annual May weekend is an amazing opportunity to interact with other believers, utilize time & skills for the enhancement of Kingdom work, and experience growth & encouragement in our own walks with the Lord. To me, it often feels like a microcosm of the Christian walk & purpose, as His people gather together for a common goal, worshipping Him through work, fellowship, and sacrificial service. It is a mix of imperfect people serving through various jobs & efforts the bigger purpose of His work and loving on each other in many ways.

During our 2016 Work & Worship Weekend, I was reminded of the overwhelmingly-miraculous nature of how that in all that we do, we a part of eternal consequences, effecting others' lives forever.

In all that we do, we are a part of eternal consequences, effecting others' lives forever.

While we moved rocks, dug ditches, insulated buildings, and worked on so many other projects, we set the stage for interactions of counselors with their campers, mentors with younger staff, camp personnel with delivery men, and more. The beautiful depth is that while we were setting the stage for these future moments of ministry, we were also doing our own Kingdom work- both in the physical service and in the interactions with others we had while working that weekend.

Our theme of the 2016 Work & Worship Weekend came out of our speaker's welcome sermon:

"May we hear what You have for us and quickly act on it"

I believe the collection of His people who gathered to serve that weekend lived this out with abandon. I saw families travel to camp with the pure intent of serving outside of themselves (even on one couple's anniversary), a man stop his busy task to help a challenged young boy put his shoe back on with dignity, a father pour into his adult daughters with intentional time & conversations, a skilled laborer taking time to teach young men how to do a task well and with full effort, and so many others live out their love for God by helping others & building into His Kingdom.

My prayer is that, in and with Him (for what has value or fulfillment without Him!), each of us in continuing to live this out, in our daily service, in our relationships, through our work, and in all aspects of our lives. There is more to be done in His Kingdom, and we are called to "make the best use of [our] time" (Ephesians 5:16). Our earthly lives are but "a mist that appears for a little time and vanishes" (James 4:14), but the mark we make on eternity can be broad.

May your heart be afire for the movement of God in your life, community, and world. May you serve Him whole-heartedly in whatever ways He calls you.

If you would like to join us for a weekend of Work & Worship, where you can build into His work and grow closer to Him, check out our website and ask us any questions. And please pray for this year's weekend- for safety of workers, cooperative weather, supplies to arrive, equipment to work, productivity to happen, hearts to be bent on serving Him & preparing the way for others' eternal appointments, good conversations, deepening of relationships with & understanding of Christ, and all that God has for us to partner with Him in.

May you worship God in your day today, in all of the wonderful ways He has created for us to worship Him.

For He is Good.

Jessica Drogowski
director of marketing

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We're so excited for WTB 2017!

Just the other week we went out to the sledding hill with cardboard sleds in hand to test their sledding capabilities. In my office, art supplies are strewn everywhere as I prepare this year’s winter craft. Outside, snow is falling as I think of snowball fights and broom-ball. Winter Trailblazer is coming up soon! 

The anticipation is hard to bear as I think about how much fun we have each year at Winter Trailblazer Camp. When asked what I am most excited for at Winter Trailblazer this year my answer is everything. I look forward to the amazing campers and volunteers, I can’t wait for the new activities and old classics out in the winter air, and I eagerly anticipate the work that God is going to do throughout the weekend. 

I like to think of Winter Trailblazer Camp as

“a cool time to get serious about God.”

Throughout the weekend we will be having awesome chapel sessions with music led by Michael Harris Jr. (of Christ Community Covenant Church) and messages prepared by Brandon Alverson (of Grace Place, our covenant church in Berthoud). Combined with each chapel session, we will have small group discussions designed to help every camper draw closer to Christ. Throw in some cardboard sled races, capture the flag games, and a massive party complete with a human-size foosball field and you’re bound to have a great time! Want to see what a winter weekend at camp can look like? Check out last year's video and know we anticipate much more snow this year!

Registration for Winter Trailblazer is open now, so be sure to sign up your campers soon! Also, anyone interested in volunteering at Winter Trailblazer can send me an email for more information. I hope to see you there!

Ethan Dixon
program director